Tuesday, July 18, 2006


OK. I just wanted to let you all know that we have a fish in the family. Hailey has taken off and there's no stopping this chick. OK, so she's decidely right handed but.... she's swimming!
It's kinda funny. The instructor asked her how many arms she had. She said, "two" like what's wrong with your eyes??!! And poor Adam tried not to laugh and said, "well, then use two!"
But she told him, "don't help me I can swim by myself!"
And then at the end of class when they get to jump in, she jumped off the starting block and then the next time, she told him NOT to catch her. He repeated her request and then said, Ok, go girl. She jumped into 8 ft. of water, popped up and swam to the edge and climbed out!!!! How cool is that??!! I'm so proud.
And she starts school soon! Anyone want to come for her first day of school? I'll be a mess it'll be fun!

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Anonymous said...


Writing a book, taking swimming lessons--what fun things you've been doing this summer!

You can tell me all about your summer when you come to North Carolina next month. I can hardly wait to see you!

I love you,

Grandma Carolynn