Sunday, July 15, 2007

Pool Play

We've been hanging at the pool ALL summer. It's been awsome! Blake is almost swimming w/o help, Aidan started (yesterday) DIVING off the diving board. Yes, jumping up, flipping, and going in hands/head first. I think we have an olympic contender here. It's too cute, but scared 5 years off my life the first time he did it- he came close to the board. Now he jumps a bit out for my sake. Hailey is a little mermaid contantly flipping under water. Poor Adam has to get her attention b/c she's always under water during lessons....
Come back on Monday for a template freebie. I had a blast yesterday making TONS of them, single and double page with up to 11 pics on one double page template. I'll be giving them away each week... Hope to see you here!
OOPSS. I forgot to give credits on LO above. The papers are all from Butternugsquash pool kit. It's my favorite pool kit out there. LOVE it. Thanks a bunch!

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Myxi said...

Thank you for the template. I like the pool kit layout too.