Saturday, September 15, 2007

Calendar Cover

So, I've finished the month grids for all 12 months, the front cover and the back cover for my 2008 template calendar. All pages will be 8x10, you'll want to spiral bind it and have holds punched so you can hang it up. The top page will have just picture template, the bottom will have the calendar grid and a couple of pictures and/or other embellies/papers. So, you might be thinking great! Now, can I have the freebie? Well, at this early stage I'm only giving away the freebie link to those who place ANY size order for my DD's school fundraiser. See Innisbrook at right. I may be giving it away at a later date for other reasons or just b/c I'm feeling very generous. But right now, I don't want my daughter walking the streets begging for people to purchase items. I figure this way, you get a nice gift or wrapping paper to use for the Holidays AND a template calendar to use for a gift to wrap up in that wrapping paper. I'm not finished with the calendar yet, but if you put in an order and email me a copy, I will send you the link and password to get the calendar ASAP. Thanks so much for your support!
I used Jessica Sprague's papers from her digital class for my calendar cover.

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Shannon said...

This is great idea!