Sunday, September 23, 2007

Done!- Well, almost

We worked ALL weekend. Hailey's room went from pooh toile to pink sassy in 2 days. It is sooo her. Her Daddy says he needs to watch The Gladiator to combat all the pink and polka dots we painted! We do still have to put back up the valence, and the curtains and pillows are being made... but for the most part it's done. Oh, and I'm getting some lime Chinese paper lanterns to hand by the bed... The chest that I re-did now has some digiscrapping stuff. I used some of KSK's kits for the papers, brad, and bow and I have to look up who did the ultra cool doodles (it's on my other computer), but I'll let you know ASAP. It is just tooo cute!

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-mo- said...

How beautiful!!