Monday, September 10, 2007

Here he is!

So, yesterday Blake and Aidan came inside and said (while I was here on the puter working), "you know that toad we found yesterday? He's still here!" So, I made the mistake of saying, "oh yeah, where is he?" And Blake promptly shoved this quite large toad almost up my nose as he said, "here he is!" I was very startled and screeched and then he dropped the frog. In my DINING ROOM. At which point I had to dive for the dog who wanted some froggie leg snacks. After I got him outside, I then had to lift up a chair in the LIVING ROOM while Blake caught the frog again. Did I mention that I had a large toad hopping around my house- INSIDE- while my boys jumped around on the furniture yelling?
Oh, BTW, I used MandaBean's MudPie from sweetshoppe for this little photo op.

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debiputnam said...

Heidi ... I just wanted to say thanks for the wonderful template freebies. You are so very generous with your talents.

Love your blog. You have some real great songs listed ... we share many favs.

I can't wait to check out some of your favorite sites.

Deb P.
U&R alumni