Friday, September 07, 2007

Hint: Fence, Shoe, and Me.

So, this is what happens when you try jumping over locked fences. The short version, a locked fence was b/w me and some blackberry bushes that I needed to trim back. I decided to just go over rather than walk ALL the way around. I made it the one way good, then on my way back my shoe got stuck at the top of the fence. I balanced for a while and worked my shoe loose, but it came loose suddenly and I fell down. You should see my thigh where I scraped the metal latch all the way down. Luckily it's not broken, but it's swollen pretty good and sprained. I get this lovely fashion statement for 2 weeks. Thanks to Nana's attic for the frame I used here.


Anonymous said...

Get well soon!

Tink said...

Sometimes it's hard to remember that getting older has some drawbacks. Hope you are feeling better soon.