Monday, October 29, 2007

It's hard to slurr in a blog, so you'll just have to pretend. I went to the dentist this am and I am completely numb from below my right eye all the way over to half of my nose... it's not pretty. I HATE this feeling.

We had an AWSOME time at our pumpkin decorating party. What fun it was. I will post pics ASAP, but just wanted to let you know (those of you in freebie search mode) that it probably won't happen today... So sorry. It will happen this week though so check back later. I've got my cooking co-op tonight so if you check out that blog there will be new recipes posted today as my group posts them. The white chicken chili is AWSOME. We had 3 kinds of chili last night and I think that was by far the most popular. And VERY easy. I actually used one of those pre-cooked roasted chickens from the grocery to make it faster yesterday. Easy and Yummy. What more can you ask for??

Can't wait to scrap all the great pics from last night! But, off to clean my kitchen, clean up all the party "stuff" from last night, make a Key Lime Margarita pie for tonight, do my last meal for tonight (slacker that I am), and make up some goodie bags for the boys preschool.

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Tink said...

Can't wait to see the pictures. You sure make it all sound yummy to the tummy. :)