Monday, October 08, 2007



So, the 30,000 some scrapping files I had on my HD on my main computer, as well as the couple hundred on my laptop have really been slowing things down. Not to mention I can't open Elements organizer on my laptop (crashes EVERY time). I HAD to do something. After much thought I decided the answer was to clear off my EHD and dump ALL of my scrapping supplies there. Then download ACDsee and use that to reorganize those files (did I tell you there are like 30,000 files???) and then work completely off my EHD and hopefully be able to use ACDsee on both computers.

That's the goal. I have removed everything from the EHD, and I have downloaded ACDsee and moved all my files and uploaded them into the new program. I am now working on categorizing them. I HATE that. It's so not fun. Unfortunately, it's also taken up a LOT of my weekend and continues to hog my time. I WILL get a freebie template out today. It'll even be a two pager to make up for waiting.

Thanks for sticking with me!!


Tink said...

I'd be interested in hearing how your organized with ACDsee works. I really hate to invest in yet another program that doesn't live up to expections.

B2 said...

I too would like to hear how you feel about ACDC when you've started using it. I have the program but haven't managed to find an organization scheme where it really works for me.
Thank you for the great freebies!