Wednesday, November 21, 2007

It's coming!

Hello all!

Is everyone ready for Thanksgiving? I'm not. But, this is virtual world so you'd never know. I can pretend that I am so on top of things. If you're still thinking of what you're going to eat or what's deliciuos or you totally forgot Thanksgiving is tomorrow, you NEED to go check out The Pioneer Woman Cooks. The link will take you directly to her Turkey day items. She is GREAT and ADORABLE. I'm going to be making her beans and also her sweet potatoes I think. Very step by step.

Oh, and for family, I'll be posting pics of our Thanksgiving Day all throughout the day so that you can see what we're doing all day. I have no idea yet myself, but I'm sure it will be entertaining knowing my kiddos.

And for you scrappers out there. WOW. Cottage Arts has some new things in the store and a sale (Blake Friday sale too). You'll LOVE the new paper bag items. If you haven't finished your Christmas list, the coasters and mouse pad kit are ADORABLE. All on sale now. Go. Really. I can't wait to play with them.

See you tomorrow!

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CT said...

Hello, I'm a blast from your past! It's your long lost cousin ,Lane.We will miss you on this Thanksgiving day.I have enjoyed all of your family's picture at Christina's. Hopefully I will meet your little ones soon. We hope you have a very peaceful and blessed Thanksgiving with your family. My mom and dad are bringing Aunt Rubye. I'm here with my family, Robert, Bonnie -12, and Rob -9.Love and Hugs, Lane