Saturday, December 01, 2007

Crafting away the weekend!

Hi all. Okay, our card making group today got me in the spirit to craft. That and my DD, who wouldn't stop saying, can we craft now? Now Mom? Can we play with these stamps? Can we do something for Christmas? PLEASE.... Agh!!! Yes!!

She's not done yet. Neither is Blake. Tomorrow we'll show off their goodies. Aidan was happy with his playmobile and a pile of clay. But I have goodies to share.

I just LOVE this. I wanted a non-candy advent calendar b/c my Sister made us a GORGEOUS advent calendar that I use with mini candy canes a couple of years ago. This one is different. I put two eyelets at the top and threaded ribbon through to hang. Printed it out in 8x8 using Jannylynn's TOTALY AWSOME and quick action (on sale right now for only a $1.00!!), and pick up the Dec. mega grab bag b/c it's got the Merry and Bright sprinkles that I used on the calendar above that are soooo cute! But, back to MY cool project.... The top page has the numbers and all on it, then I did a bottom page where I wrote all 3 of my kids names down in EACH window, in rotating order. The top person is special person for the day (they get to pick the movie, go out on a "date" with Mom or Day, or do some other special thing), the second person is the person of honor (at dinner everyone shares something nice about that person), the third person is helper (they help out, but mostly this involves handing out vitamins in the am). They LOVE it so far.

Credits: I used Jannylynn's Merry and bright paper pack and her new Merry and Bright sprinkles (found in the ES December grab bag), also used red circles from Jessica Sprague's Daily December album kit QP freebie, and LDD's Dec. calendar template freebie.

And then check THESE out!! Aren't they the CUTEST?! I have to give credit here.... Melissa Burns. Yes, you ladies around here know who I'm talking about. THE Melissa Burns, came up with this too cute idea. We (my monthly card making group- and if you don't have one really you should), have this stamp (stampin up) that is a bunny butt and it says made by on the top that we put on all our cards on the back.... Well, bunny butts are cute and all, but they don't REALLY go with Christmas. She inked up the stamp w/o inking the legs and feet or the words, stamped in brown (I'm sure it has a MUCH fancier name- and our fearless, and totally awsome, leader N-Nancy would know the correct name), but I'm calling it brown, drew in some eyes, added hand done antlers and look! Rudolph! We just LOVE him. It's a gift tag. In case you didn't figure that out.

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