Friday, December 14, 2007

Santa's Lap

Finally! None of my kids are scared of Santa. Yeah!! They all ran up and hopped on Santa's lap to smile and tell him all of what they wanted.... although they were a bit shy about that part. My youngest was most conecerned with a candy cane... that's what he's given in the past years. A little candy cane, but this year he gave out little activity books. Which I like b/c all that candy... however, my two boys can't do 95% of the stuff in it so it really wasn't for the real young ones. But they got to talk to Santa and that's what's important right?!

I used CottageArts Joyeux Noel Duex which is a very classic, gorgeous kit, and a bit of the add on kit here. The LO was based on a freebie template that was given in a November newsletter that I created for them. They have great new Christmas stuff in the store so check them out! I used fonts Highland Perk and House Sitter's Club.

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Rising Rainbow said...

Hum activity books instead of candy canes, not sure what I think of that. The world is changing.