Sunday, February 03, 2008

Check your backup CD's!!

I'm having to rescrap some of my old (mostly 2006 LO's) b/c the files on the CD where I baked them up apparently got corrupted... What's up with that?! Check your files people. The good news is that it was at the beginning of my digi days and so I like my LO's now much better. The bad news? I have to rescrap them and who has time for that?! So, here are some redone LO's.

Credits: All Bundled Up by Heather Roselli at Sweet Shoppe

credits: Weathered Delights Element Pak and paper pack. I love how the blended photo on the soft yellow paper looks.
Has anyone used Viovio for printing of their books? They aren't the most user friendly (as compared to Shutterfly which is VERY user friendly), but they are the BEST prices and they have some really good options too.... I am thinking of using them for printing off my 2006 and 2007 books and wanted any personal experiences you've had with them. I've printed Shutterfly and are they nicer? Same? Worse? Stick with Shutterfly? I CAN'T make decisions at this point in my life (REALLY busy week coming up and I'm totally overwhelmed) so I need someone to do this for me.
THanks for your support people.

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Scrapping Mom of 5 said...

Loved your layouts and so sorry about CD problems. I've only used Shutterfly as well so I'm looking forward to reading about other people's experiences as well.