Saturday, February 09, 2008

Name update

Ok. So apparenly HappyEscrapper was not popular wtih everyone... and it's taken. I found someone already using it at ES.

So the hunt continues and I'll be hmlentz until I can find another....

Got back from an awsome night last night of card making with N-Nancy at Melissa's house. We made the CUTEST PRETTIEST NICEST Birthday cards. I love them. Maybe you'll get one...

Sorry I didn't get my template up this past week. I'll post one this week for sure and it'll be a double pager. I've had SUCH a busy week.

Hailey is into Monopoly now... it's set up right here. Very convenient. I just got put in jail.... I'm thinking this means I need time by myself to think about what' I've done and repent. She doesn't think so. Oh well.

Just FYI, Cottage Arts has some GREAT papers for blending over there all greyscale and ready to go.
Well, later

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