Saturday, February 16, 2008

Race Days Feb. 16th

Here's Hailey's freestyle swim. She's in the middle lane. I realize we have to work on diving off the block... she can dive in off the side, but has never done it off the block. These are from the Race Days today, so it's not an actual meet, but more of a practice kinda thing to work on how racing goes, times, etc.

This is my daughter and Isaac.... he loves her, she loves him.... aren't they adorable? He is soooo cute! And well, of course she's adorable. She has red rings around her eyes b/c she was wearing her goggles. Yes, I know her hair's not wet... she was wearing them to play around in. Actually, the first picture I got of them she was wearing them and I had to retake it b/c well, she was wearing goggles. I'm not sure how long the romance will last, she's moving days for swim squad, b/c she wants to be in Adams class. And really, who can blame her?

Credits: Frame by Sherri Tierney over at ES in her Touch of Whimsy kit- which is so adorable.

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verabear said...

that was a cute photo! I agree, both look so adorable :)

Looks like she did well though she wasn't used to jumping off from the block. With practice, she'll be able to glide in (or something! hahaha) :)