Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Wow wow Wow!

So, I was feeling a bit overwhelmed yesterday when I took Blake to the Dr. and he turned up quite positive for strep.... then the nurse asked where my other two little cherubs were. Ummm at school. They didn't have a fever for 24 hours! So, off I ran to grab them out of school and haul them in (Hailey crying b/c she did NOT want to be pulled out of school) for tests of their own. And, yes. They ALL have strep. What fun. I have nothing to do anyway.... I had run out of bon bons and Oprah was a re-run. Ha! I haven 't seen oprah in 5 years. But IF I did have any bon bons I can tell you they would be gone by now.

So, that's how my day was going. And then it got decidedly cheerier when on my doorstep later in the day I found a package. From my scrapin sister in NC. I had no clue what was inside (forgetful me forgot about the egg discussion). And THIS is what was inside:
Aren't they Beautiful?? They are. And yes, she painted them herself. Quite talented. And the book... well, let's just say that apparently Hailey's class had read this at school before Easter this year and she was jumping up and down. Of course, if you know her, you know she jumps up and down quite often.... but she was very excited. We sat and I read the book while the kids were quiet and listening (amen) and then I showed them the eggs their Aunt had made. For ME. I emphasized this quite a bit. They are MINE. Keep your grubby little paws off of them. I mean, look with your eyes NOT your hands. They are quite delicate as they are REAL eggs, and my kids are not delicate. At all. I'm just amazed at how pretty they are and how difficult and how LONG she must have sat at her awsome kitchen table (if you ever get rid of it I want it sis) and just Wow.
So, Thank you sooo much! We LOVE them and the book.

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CT said...

He he!
I was wondering if you got them.
So glad they came on the right day! And not crushed either - that would have been disappointing. Hope everyone is better and the kids are ready to go back to school! You are starting to sound a little like the Pioneer woman!
And about the table - I can put your name on the underside - maybe my kids will send it to you one day.