Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Ouch! So, Monday I sent the kids out back to play. They ran down the steps and Blake starts screaming. I mean, screaming. Aidan is yelling and runs back up to tell me that Blake was stung by a bee. He is still screaming and I go running out there. Get halfway down the steps and several wasps come after me. Aidan is swatting at them, Blake is standing there screaming holding his ear, and I get stung. Ouch! So we run inside the back door and I'm checking Blake over. He's ok, and so am I. Neither one of us seam to have much of a reaction. He got a band aid though. Tuesday my arm grew quite large in the afternoon. I got stung right by my elbow joint and it was getting impressive by evening. I took benadryl and ibuprofen, then iced my arm while watching the olympics. Did I mention that Ray is out of town? Well, he is. I went to bed but my smoke detector's batteries were running low so it was beeping at me. I moved to the couch. In my benadryl stupor I put my contacts in a wrong solution for cleaning (long story, but I use one for travel and at home I have a sonic one..). So in the am, my arm had swollen to halfway down toward my wrist and also up to my bicep. My pinkie started getting tingly and it was very hard, very hot, and just crazy large. I called the Dr., put in my contacts and I wanted to tear out my eyes. It was burning soooo bad! I finally got my contacts out and decided to wear glasses. Justin was awesome and watched the kids while Melissa and I went to Urgent care. I ended up getting a shot, oral antibiotics, take 2 antihistamines, ibuprofen, and ice on it. I have to go back to the Dr. on Fri. am. She also wrote on my arm so we would know how large the site was at that time with a permanent red marker. The kids asked if they could fill it in and draw on my other arm. NO!! So, was that a long story or what? I know. I just don't have enough excitement in my life.

Anyway, I do have more pics of our beach trip and a LO I did using Jannylynn's Swim Like a Fish kit over at ES.

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