Thursday, September 18, 2008

Candice Stringam's Photography class

Hello. So, I am taking the photography class by Candice. If you read CK, the photography guru they have in the monthly column is her. I adore her. So, I'm taking her class to get the most out of my camera. This was for our first lesson. On shutterspeed. I forgot to write down the speeds at which each of these was taken and now they're gone. Don't know if I can get that info off using photoshop.... Anway, these are my fast and slow shutterspeed takes. And then I ran one of Ree's actions on the photos b/c they didn't make me happy. And then I sharpened it. Because they needed it that's why. Now I'm happy. Except for Hailey's legs sticking out in the second one.

I'm loving my new program and my new class!!! Not loving the sick kiddos. Taking Hailey bug and Ray jr. to the dr. tomorrow. They have temps and sore throats. Strep again probably. But they're necks have been really sore on the outside too. So, Dr. in the am. I just heard one of the boys coughing. If I'm REAL quiet down here and work hard Ray will take care of it b/c I'm working hard. That's me.

We just watched Maid of Honor with McDreamy. Very cute movie. Well, have a good night and I hope you get more rest than I am going to.

Oh and I thought you might want to see the SOOC shot (straight out of the camera). BEFORE I fixed the white balance and ran the actions on it. Just FYI.

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Danielle said...

I am going thru my little list of bookmarked blogs and cleaning it up and i click on your and see the post creative assignment #1 and think oh wow you must be taking the same class I am and I scroll down and yep you sure are - I really like your pictures they are great - just thought I would share that I was here with you - you never know who reads your blog huh