Wednesday, October 08, 2008

First lost tooth and budding artists.

So I just wanted and have been meaning to post some artwork. Hailey takes this stuff VERY seriously being a direct decendant of a REAL LIFE ARTIST (Pop-P0p) although she did say yesterday that a future in gymnastics may be what she's going after.
This is Hailey's still life. She got bored with the background but says the flowers are the important part.
And quite frankly, I'm a bit shocked at her ability with horse faces. This was NOT traced. We'll not hold it against her at this age for drawing a western bridle on the horse. She doesn't know any better as they don't start riding lessons here until 8.

This is my other budding artist. Blake LOVES to draw and write. I absolutely LOVE his frog. Check out those eyes. I bet he can see a mile. HE'S not going to end up in any snake! And horses that poop flowers....amazing.

And THIS is the BIRTHDAY BOY with lost his FIRST TOOTH after his party on Sunday. He's very excited about it and he wants me to pull out some more.

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CT said...

I love those drawings! What a great job, and yes, or course the flowers are the important part!
Look at that grin - so cute!
Love you all!