Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Party Favors for my Witche's Brew

I come up with some of my best ideas in the middle of the night. I dream them. This was one of those. I'm having a witches brew party where everyone comes in a witch hat they decorated. So... I was thinking of party favor "boxes". Aren't these cute?!

Here's how to make them:

Cut out the witch hat (cone hat) in a patterned paper. I printed mine on cardstock and then cut out. Cut out 2 circles. On one of these circles you will cut out the center as shown. I used the CM circle cutters but you can use whatever you want. OH and I used papers from ES's Oct. Mega kit Tricker's Treat that is chock FULL Of Halloween goodness for only $4.00.

Slip the one with the cut out center over the cone and push down. Slit the cone hat with scissors up to the circle on the underside.
Fold the edges down so it will all sit flat on a table. I really just scruntched it down and they all bent on their own. But I'm NOT a perfectionist. Then tape (I used double sided tape for this project) the whole circle to the bottom white sides together. I filled mine with M&M's first since it was a party favor. For carry handles I also hole punched on the complete cirlce and threaded ribbon through BEFORE taping it all together.

Then decorate until you can't stand the cuteness anymore. Oops.... that front left hat is backwards. You can't see it's cuteness.... see... not a perfectionist. See the one with the buttons?? That's Melissa's. She HATES buttons.


Meredith said...

these are the cutest things EVER! love them! thanks for the great crafty idea!

PromQueenWannaBe said...

Who doesn't hate buttons? They are too country kitsch.

Nosey said...

Adorable favors! Where are the pics of the actual witch hats from your party?