Monday, November 10, 2008

Christmas wish lists

Ok. So we had the kids cut out stuff of catalogs so you'd have an idea of the things they are into right now. Here are some ideas:

Hailey- VERY much into horses. Realistic ones though NOT My Little ponies. She asked me to "spread the word". She thinks she'd like the Schleich ones best, then Bryer, and then Playmobile. I'm not sure.... I think she'd get more play out of the playmobile since they come with so much "stuff" but there it is. She also has on her list an easy bake oven. She also cut out a turbo hockey game table I found a similar item for carpets here. She loves Narnia, stuffed animals (esp. tigers, lions, etc.). She and Aidan are wishing for the Wow WEE Alive Cubs. Oh and Ray says to add Hannah Montana - Best of Both Worlds concert DVD.

Aidan- Aidan keeps changing.... he loves everything. We are trying to stay away from guns and violent things. He does very well with hands on and active get up and move stuff and playdoh. It seams to be a very calming activity for him. He did cut out recently the lego king arthur battle action castle, Imaginext batcave, he LOVES his playmobile and esp. the knight, pirate sets, and he loves his cars. Usually it's the matchbox sets but the one he cut out was Shake N Go crash up speedway. Watching him on his bike I would also add this ramp kind of thing....

Blake- He loves his cars, trucks, and anything that goes. He cut out the hot wheels race aces speed shifter, the geotrax grand central station, playmobile car/trucks, RC crane, and Lego building sets.

They all would like to have the Alvin and the Chipmunks movie, Prince Caspian movie, Star Wars Clone Wars movie. Some wii games that we've been looking at are playground. Hailey and Blake LOVE crafts while Aidan still loves playdoh.

The links are just so you know what they are talking about. They cut these pics out of Target, ToysRUs, and EToys catalogs.

If you are wondering about the adults here are some ideas for us:
Heidi- I would love a new camera strap, a food dehydrator, gift card for Michaels, subscription renewal to my digital scrapbooking mag., Creating Keepsakes renewal, Paper crafts mag., Real Simple magazine. I have also been ooooohing and aaaaahing over these animal print clogs (37).

Ray would has been eyeing a new Fender guitar STRAP, a new putter, Best Buy gift card, Casablanca - Ultimate Collector's Edition Blu ray (12/2), Dark Knight * Blu ray (12/9), Iron Man * Blu ray, The Police:Certifiable Blu ray (11/11)

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