Friday, November 07, 2008

Organized for Christmas??

OK. I have to brag here. And NO I did not make this super adorable little thing. That's why I'm bragging. I have the COOLEST Sister! On our first day back from Disney, all the mail comes in and here is this box for ME. From my sister. It's not my Birthday.... not Christmas.... so I'm wondering what it is...

And here I need to tell you that I was starting to feel like I was already getting behind b/c I knew I would be gone after Halloween and November would start, my Halloween decorations would STILL be up, AND I didn't even have any Holiday organization printed out yet. Yikes! Yes, I REALLY did think this. Luckily my sister saved me from myself. Check out this super adorable Holiday organizer:

Things to do this month lists, Weekly to do lists based on Organized Christmas's themes, gift lists, menu, stocking stuffer, Holiday budget, and a receipts envelope....

The back even has a coordinating sticky note pad and some paper clips for extra cut out stuffs!!I have to say it is WAY cuter than my organizer last year.... AND I didn't have to do it!! It just showed up in my mailbox! Way too stinkin' cute.
And now you're thinking... "I want one too!" Well, you can't have mine or my sister. I'm keeping both, BUT I'll share with you some links that she used to make it:
So, have fun! I'm told she even had fun making it!

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