Friday, November 14, 2008

Race Days

We had another Race Days at Macher tonight. Hailey swam in a LOT of races. She did 3 lengths of everystroke, and then 1 lenght of freestyle and 1 of backstroke. The 3 lengths was tough for her but she did her best. She won the 1 length backstroke with a time of 14.81, and came in 3rd on the 1 length freestyle (the video looks like she came in 2nd, but there were two groups of each going so they go by time). Her time on that was 14.9

1 length freestyle: Blake suit and cap- middle

Hailey is in the closes lane with the black suit and cap on.

Hailey is in the 2nd lane with the black cap and suit.

Oh, and there are 2 videos up on the Disney blog of ours. Kids riding Big Thunder and then Hailey joining Jack Sparrow's Crew.

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