Thursday, December 18, 2008


Tuesday was our other snow day this week. We made an awsome Geotrax "city" in the basement. He has a LOT of Geotrax, although in case anyone has extras we need more of those grey supports, and the t- intersection....let me know if you need our address. It was huge. And awesome.

Girls like trains too.
But they don't get down there on eye level like little boys do.

This one just wants to sit back and control it all. Once it's done being built, they play with it for a bit but then they tear it up for the next plan. Why doesn't Geotrax have one of those big train garage thingies for the train sets that sits on the circle and then you can turn it to take out the one you want.
Then we decorated the gingerbread house. It started out rather modest:
And before I knew it:

There is over a pound (more like 2) of candy on this thing. Is there a house under there? I did the tree in that back corner over on the right.

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