Thursday, April 16, 2009

Worn out!

OK.  I’m worn slam out.  That wasn’t the idea.  HE was supposed to be worn out!  Is he?  NO!

We went to Take 2, then ran over to the pool and missed his first class, but were there for his 2nd.  Then we went home for lunch…

After that we went on a bike/walk ride down to the trail (this is almost a 2 mile trip one way - but he would ride his bike way ahead and then come back, and then go out way ahead and come back so it was much longer for him) and to the park. The dog jumped around and in the water with a bunch of doggie friends while the kids played on the playground equipment. 

Bike/walk bake home, and then a short break to play with friends outside, dinner, and then back to swim again for another 45 min.  Was he tired?  Did he fall asleep on the way home?  I asked his swim coach if he seamed tired at all…

No, why?

UGHHHH!!!  Can I can this stuff? 

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