Thursday, June 11, 2009

1st Swim Meet

Hailey in her first race of the day... a relay. She is in the second lane from me. Swimming breast stroke.

Aidan's first solo race. He did very well and finished 2nd. If he would just stop stopping and keep his face in and arms out the WHOLE time....Oh, and he's in the far lane.

Aidan's actual first race ever. A relay where they all swam freestyle. He didn't get the whole relay concept though and I wish I had kept the camera rolling b/c when he finished and got out he stood there for a moment watching them all swimming away. Everyone was yelling go! go! (to the other swimmers in the water) and so, he jumped back in and did it again!

And then while Hailey was in the chairs waiting her next race, it thundered. So there was a 20 min. wait and then there was lightening so it was called off. Poor things were pretty upset.

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