Saturday, August 22, 2009

We’re Back!


What is this?!  About a half hour outside of Denver we hit this.  Freak hail storm.  Have you ever seen hail like this?  We thought it was snow at first and the temp dropped like almost 30 degrees in 10 min.


Day 1: On top of the Denver Science and Nature center.  Gorgeous view. 


Blowing off some car crampadge.  Finally in Colorado Springs.  Look at that view in the background….

Day 3: Garden of the Gods:

haileyingarden 4  balancingrock blakengarden   

\This is balancing rock.  Can you tell why????               And this is a crazy monkey-boy.

kidsingarden kissingcamel  

   Kissing Camels rock.  My kids didn’t get it.  Please tell me you see it.

walkingingarden    famingarden gardengods gardengods3gardengods1

I spy two rock climbers….. so did my kids and they sooo wanted to join them.

gardengods2  gardengods4 gardengods5 gardengods6  bridge

OK.  Decent picture…. major acrobatics to get it…. Voted most wasted time by our family.  could be b/c we would NOT fork over the $$ to walk out on this bridge…  Royal Gorge Bridge.  NOWHERE obn the brochure do they tell you they want your 1st borns college education fund to just walk out on it.  We did get some ice cream at Cold Stone… but is that really worth a 3 hour drive???? 


And this was GREAT.  Hailey’s first friend.  And these two boys were just babies when they last saw each other.  My great friend when we were in Montana…. Look at that group of kids!



Day 4:

Pike’s Peak.  Wow.  Early start to the day. 14nerraypikespeak

I will justify that look on my face as either a.) it’s only like 30 something up there, or b.) it’s Early.  Take your pick or use both. 


Kids love cacti.                                                     The kids going into Whit’s End at Focus on the Family.  GREAT place!!

Well, that’s the highlight of our trip. 

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