Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Holidays in Hand 2009

So, I'm doing this class from JS and our first assignment is to come up with our values....






















•quiet- Hello?  Who am I kidding??  Anyone who has spent 5 min. in my house knows it's NOT quiet.








Ok, I cheated and just copied and pasted her list, but it's good, except the meatloaf thing.  That I can't do. 
Now for the goals:
What has worked in years past to help you stay close to your values?
My desire to make this even special to my family and to share with them and everyone we love the meaning and joy of Christmas.  I LOVED doing our Advent calendar last year.  Instead of tying candies to each of the 25 ribbons on the hanging calendar, I rolled up an activity for each day.  In the morning the kids would read what special/fun project/activity, etc we would be doing that day.  Things like decorating our tree, seeing the Magic Tree, pictures with Santa, family gifts to make, etc. 
What hasn't?
Trying to do EVERYTHING.  
What can you add to this year's celebrations?
Adding???  Why on EARTH would I add anything?
What can you deliberately leave out?
The over abundance of candy and buying. 
What needs more focus?
Doing simple, heartfelt gifts for family and friends.  Making sure that the focus is shared with my children on The Gift of Christmas, not the gifts of Christmas.
I would also like to help those less fortunate than us in some manner this season. 

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