Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Pretty Bird ornament feeders

We’ve made bird feeder “ornaments” before.  Almost every year since Hailey’s been old enough to spread peanut butter on bread.  The problem is, the bread tears, and rips, and gets drippy and soggy and falls apart when you hang them and when they are out in the elements.  THIS year I finally thought we should do something different.  Imagine that huh?  Well, I had these chipboard ornament shaped pieces that I WAS going to make a holiday photo album with (I got them about 3 years ago- so I figure that’s not going to happen).  But I had them and this falling apart problem. 
So, I figured the important part for the bird is the pb and bird seed, the important part for me is pretty, and the important part for kids is the ability to do the project and see their efforts displayed UP on a a tree and not on the ground a soggy mess.
Here is a striped ornament using 2 kinds of birdseed.
So, here you go:
You need chipboard ornaments (Michaels), pb, yarn, and bird seed (2 kinds at least).
Spread pb on chipboard ornament.  One section at a time.  We had two different kinds of seeds and so we decided on stripes. 
Dip in birdseed and squash down a bit.  Then pb the other parts and dip on the other seed. 
And on the tree outside they are pretty, hold up WAY better than bread, and are still hanging days later!



Wow Heidi--great idea. We do pine cones coated w/ peanut butter and rolled in seed. That works well too.

Darcy@SomewhatMuddledMusings. said...

What a great idea!!! And it's great to see another homeschool family @ Sweet Shoppe!