Sunday, January 09, 2011

This week in pictures.


The Year started off with a night of games.  We played our new games from Christmas.  Star Wars Monopoly below  and then Harry Potter Clue (which is a GREAT game btw). 



Goofy boy.

IMG_2336Sleepy boy.  This is about 10 pm New Years Eve.  His eyes were closed a second before I took the picture.


Then the next couple of days we played more games.  This is a new and lively game from Aunt Christina’s family. 

IMG_2341 IMG_2342


You have to earn eggs and then roll a dice to tell you where to put them and then do things like run around the table, catch an egg, cluck like a chicken, etc.  See all the eggs Hailey is trying to hold?  She’s good at this game. 

At the end of the week was Blake’s birthday. 


I made this lego cake.  I’ll get to make it again next week for his lego party.  It was supposed to be this Sat., but when Aidan started getting sick on Friday night we decided to reschedule.  Thought we got rid of that stomach bug already…. guess not. Practice makes perfect- or better I’m sure.  Oh, and I didn’t pick out the omen of death to put on the cake FYI Blake picked it out.  I had Harry Potter Lego character and Hedwig. 





He loved all of his gifts and can’t wait to try out our new game. 


And we’re building with Legos again.  We have several of these HP sets now.  They really are quite cool though.



And he’s officially 7!!

That was our first week of the new year.  What did you do?

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