Friday, January 13, 2012

Fun was had by all

My baby is growing up!!  His party was a video game party (run and organized by dad, made pretty by me Winking smile
After deciding on the theme, he said he wanted to play video games but have an Angry bird theme…ok….
This is what I came up with for goodie bags since they don’t sell Angry Bird party supplies, at least not around here. 
And of course the cake….
The played video games and some others with a more angry bird theme.  The green balloons are the pigs (they had piggie faces drawn on with markers) and the kids had to race to the chair and pop them by sitting on them.  Or jumping, or getting help from friends… Apparently it was hard. 
Let them eat cake.  There were 9 party goers. 
And then presents.  Can we find the birthday boy in there?  I think I see the dark red of his sweatshirt there…
Don’t you like the yellow angry bird glaring down at them?  I just noticed that. 
Well, we had fun and now it’s time to write some thank you notes!

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