Wednesday, January 30, 2013

January Pictures


They LOVE icicles.  I guess this is normal.  Their dad was in the doghouse when he “accidentally” tossed a bunch that were hanging out in the freezer.  They were saving them for summer. 


Of course, monkey boy had a Birthday.  I can’t believe my baby is now 9.  Yikes.  I guess we’ll have to stop calling him Baby B soon. 


An eagle made its’ way down to our church. 

Hailey’s team won the Geography Bowl in her class.  She was very excited that everyone in the group got a trophy.  She was also pretty proud of the fact that she was never beat or got an answer wrong.  They have to slap the buzzer and then answer as each team player goes up against another from a different team. 


Sledding fun.  With family and friends. 

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