Monday, October 15, 2007


I've had several people ask me to give my opinion of ACDSee once I got it all tagged and figured out. Well, I REALLY like it. Now I can see all of my kits and options on my laptop (PSE5 organizer would crash my laptop everytime). Besides that though I do like it. Yes, better than PSE5 organizer. It's very easy to use and to customize to suit your needs. I have ALL scrapping stuff on my EHD now including ACDSee so I can use whichever computer I'm working on. Highly recommend this program.


Joy said...

so are you saying you actually have the program its self on your EHD? I thought someone said you couldnt do that.. wow.. .I would love that.

Tink said...

Thanks for you input. I may have to check it out.