Sunday, January 27, 2008

Cards and GREAT weekend!

Hello all!

I am feeling GREAT! Slept in LATE both Sat. and Sun. (actually DH, usually lets me sleep late, but this was REAL late), made lots of cards (see picture), ate girl food (ie. lots of chocolate), great girl time with Melissa, her Aunt N-Nancy, our token guy Ed (her DH), two GREAT dogs, and for a brief and fun evening Tiffany (sorry about the dogs girl!), at more girl food (chocolate), watched 9 months, and we even stopped at Trader Joe's for some 2 buck chuck. AWSOME.

Here are the GREAT cards we made:

N-Nancy had most picked out and we were able to just go with the flow for most, but then we wanted MORE. So, we went through the Stampin up! catalog and picked out some more to copy the general idea of (the frog,boat, and flower cards fell into this catagory), then Melissa couldn't sleep b/c of her jumpy legs and so she thought of card ideas and tried to tell me about them (fortunately for me, I COULD sleep), but in the am we made her card (the conversation hearts one in the back). It was too fun. Thanks for the Great weekend girls!
Oh, and if you need ANY stampin up! products and don't have a rep, please email me as Nancy is the BEST (and nicest) person. Her two labs are GREAT too, and Ed. Love them all. If you're local to me, we have this great card group that gets together once a month here and Nancy comes over with 6 cards for us to make. It's all pre-cut and we get to play with her stuff. No sales pitch or anything. But you CAN order if you want. It's incredibly cheap (only $10 per person) and you get 6 handmade cards! How cool is that?!
Well, I'll be back tomorrow with a new freebie...aready thinking on it.

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Tony said...

WOW! Sounds like quite the fun weekend! You and Melissa together is always a threat to boredom though! :)