Friday, January 25, 2008


You all are going to get sick of my videos... I'm sorry. But this Flipvideo is the BEST thing EVER!! It's so easy and quick I just love it. I also wanted everyone to know that I am going on a girls weekend this weekend. Yes, it's true. DH gets all 3 kiddos all weekend, while Melissa and I head over to her Aunt (N-Nancy for any of you who might know her is the BEST aunt ever. I'm thinking of claiming her as my own...) in St. Louis for a girls getaway. We'll be making cards and crafty stuff (N-Nancy is a stamping up rep so we get to play with all her stamps- it takes care of my paper habit), watching movies, sleeping in way to late, and having girl food. Yeah!!! I can't wait.

So, just FYI, I won't be posting till Sunday night or Mon again. But then I'll show you what we made.

So, here are my boys at Ms. Amy's when I pick them up at lunch. They are working on worksheets. Blake is choosing animals vs. plants, and Aidan is cutting out sea creatures to put in his paper aquarium.

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Miss j aka mixedclawzz said...

Was the Nancy you went to visit in south St. Louis county? Off of Tesson Ferry?

Thanks bunches for the template.