Tuesday, January 15, 2008

New LO's and addictive snacks.

So, I've been behind on posting my LO's. So we have a couple for you at one time. First I would like to start with a thought provoking photo:Clean them or toss? I REALLY wanted to pretend I had never seen this child before. I said to myself, "you know, those shoes were getting really tight and probably are bad for his feet... and those pants, well, there was a hole starting in the knee probably".
Credits: Frame is by Amy Fenner, Child under dirt is by DH and I.

Look! I have my own family band. Aren't they cute? Ray practicing for the band at church, and all the kids disappeared. I grabbed my cam and followed the noise.... this is what I found. Hailey's leg even gets to tapping along with the music and she and Aidan belt out Song of Hope. She LOVES that song. Blake "plays" his bitar. Oh, and Hailey's microphone? That's a golf club. Aidan has the guitar stand.

credits: Misty Cato for the quad frame. All the others are MINE.

Go to Aldi's and buy prezel crisps. Now. I am addicted. Yummy

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Anonymous said...

I went to Aldi's and now I too am addicted. Which kind did you get? I got all 3. Why choose? It's Aldi's for pete's sake!