Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Now in Video!!!!

Hello all! I am sooo excited. Have you heard of the Flipvideo? (Thanks sooo much Heather for the tip), I got one for my Birthday!!!! Thank you Ray, George, and Carolynn for the gift. Yeah!!! It's the BEST little video camera EVER. It fits in the palm of my hand, has an hour recording time, is super easy and quick to whip out of my purse and use, then stuff back in. Then you slide back this "thing" on the side and out pops the usb port. Pop it into your computer (everything is attached), and wham you've got little videos perfect for uploading!! I'll post pics of it soon, but here are my boys at swim lessons tonight. If you're wondering, Hailey said her tummy hurt. Yeah right!! Anway, enjoy the show!

So, Aidan jumped in first, and then Blake. Adam and Nick are in the pool (teachers), but the lesson is over and they play a bit.... Adam and Nick are AWESOME. Thanks guys!! I love it when Blake goes way up and his legs bicycle in the air like that.

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