Sunday, April 20, 2008

Dogs Dogs Everywhere!

Aren't they soooo cute!!? We have 2 visiting labs- Parker and Sandy. They are both bigger than Dobby. There is a dog anywere you look. Everyone is getting along GREAT though and we're having lots of fun. Sandy has had a bath everyday so far, but that's ok. Not really a full bath, just a rinse off. She tends to lounge in the mud. They pretty much wear each other out and then crash. In the photo that's Dobby, Hailey, then Parker, and Sandy.

My next feat of amazing proportions will be to get three dogs AND three kids to all face one direction and sit. I'll be taking bets later.

Credits: Becki Kress's Fine and Dandy mini kit (which is FREE) over at Elemental Scraps as the Bits and Pieces challenge.

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