Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Poor little boy

I tell you, this boy gets me. In sooo many ways. But right now he gets me up at night worrying about him. He sounds HORRIBLE. His coughing hurts me. In case you can't read the journaling... there's more, but the main point of it is in the past 2 weeks he's been to the dr. 3 times. He's had strep, scarletina (scarlet fever), and now walking pneumonia. It's a sad sad sight. Both of his siblings had strep as well, and one also had scarletina although a much milder case than him.... we're praying that he keeps the pneumonia to himself!
Credits: I used Rachel Martin's Bubblegum dots and lines- which is a freebie over at ES in the around the web challege right now, Amy Teet's Whitie tighties for paper, and Lilly pie designs lower case watercolor alpha.

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