Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Daily funnies

So, the kids and I were driving home from a GREAT trip at the farmer's market today and Ray and I's song came on the radio. So I said, oh, listen, this is Daddy and my song". After a brief discussion on how that was our song, I ended with it was the first song we danced to when we got married. Hailey asked if we kissed when it was over. I assured her that we probably kissed several times. Your wedding day is a really special day.

Hailey says, "Oh..... I bet it was really special because you got to have wedding cake!"
and Aidan says, "Wait! I didn't get any cake!"
Hailey then goes on to tell him that none of them had any cake b/c they weren't alive. "But then God put me in Mommy's tummy". and Aidan says, "so, did you like it in there?"

"I don't remember my eyes were closed."

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Erin & GDF said...

Too funny! And what a cake they missed ; )