Saturday, May 17, 2008

Hybrid books, movies, and more!

Here is a page (or two) out of a hybrid word book I made for my niece's birthday. Isn't she adorable? That's her. Well, the book turned out awsome and I hope she likes it. It has carry handles, and glittery flowers, and is just fun. I think I'm hooked on hybrid books. I made these pages using Cottage Arts kits. For full credit list, click on the CA gallery link to the right.
MOVIES.... anyone seen any great ones lately? We have. My Mom and I watched The Ultimate Gift and Wow! What an awsome movie. Thanks Christina (it was my Birthday present). It was just really good and makes you think... and cry a little.
Then Ray and I just watched PS I LOVE YOU last night. WOWWWW!! Ok. Awsome movie but you WILL cry. OK, if you're a girl you'll cry. Ray didn't get all the crying. I cried throught but it was awsome nonetheless. If you watch it, let me know your thoughts. We also watched 27 Dresses last week and that one was a good one too.
And NO, nobody has guessed my What is it contest picture below several posts. Here's another hint. My kids all use them, they're disposable, and I COULD use them but just don't. It's obviously been torn up by one of my DSs, and has actually then been plastered on the mirror in the bathroom. Why? I don't know. They're boys. It's what they do.

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Erin & GDF said...

Oma and Opa showed me the book - great job! I want one hehe.

And the Ultimate Gift is amazing.