Sunday, June 08, 2008

Family Tent

OK people. I need some tips. I am THINKING of getting a tent for our family. I think it would be a lot of fun. They LOVE going camping (ok in the RV but still, with Oma and Opa), and my DH says he use to go camping and liked it. He was a boy scout back then and is much more in favor of beds, clean bathrooms, and doors nowadays, but I figure we can bring out the adventurer in him. Or drive him completely insane. So, back to my Q, SAMS has this Tent combo thing. Looks nice and big but I know not much about it all. It's a Northpole Tent combo.
The 10 piece tent combo is a 14' x 10' dome tent with a 10' x 8' sun shelter and all the extras needed to take the family camping for the first time. It also includes 2-sleeping bags, 2-pillows & 2-chairs with a tent shelf organizer & a multi basket/cooler.
So you campers out there. Is this a good thing? We are first timers, and have 3 smallish children.

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CT said...

remind me to to talk to you about tents!