Friday, June 06, 2008


CanonBall!!! Aidan is perfecting the canon ball right now. He is talking off camera to a new friend at the pool (and from church). I don't know who that girl is. Some pesky little girl getting in the way of my video. ha ha. She's a cutie though.

Here is is imitating a seal. Ok, he's not really, but that does look like what he's doing. He's showing his dive. And NO, he does not want to stand up right now. Maybe later.

Ok. NOW he's gonna dive for you off the block. Just an FYI, he does NOT hit his head. Take a deep breath and RELAX. I keep telling him he needs some air. Jump out boy! Nope not gonna do it.

This one is called the pencil. Not friend and lifeguard Chris who steps in. I think he did that on purpose! Do you know how large this pool is?! and he picks THAT SPOT to come to.... yeah, I don't think so. Not that I'm complainin or anything....

Hailey figured out what we were doing so she had to dive too. We're working on diving out and keeping those legs straight. She's going to be a waterdog this year. Along with friends Bryce and Isaac. I'm sure she'll get more "girl friends" later in life. She's just use to boys with her two brothers and all. And those girls just want to play with barbies and princesses- yuck! Although I have been informed that Jasmine and Ariel are not too bad.

Blake wasn't playing with us today for some reason. The waters a bit too cold for him yet I think. He just wandered around mostly.

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Erin & GDF said...

Great diving! Loved watching you all at the pool! Ryan and Erin are swimming a little this summer. Today it will be 98 tomorrow and Sunday 100 (without the heat index) - so maybe we'll go more.
Love, Aunt Christina