Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Sugar Please

So, besides the small minibook this is what Ray got for Father's Day. I've always loved shadow pictures and since my kiddos w0uld NOT stand still long enough for me to trace their shadow, I did it this way. I think it turned out great and Ray liked it. I found a sunny spot up on a smooth (but yellow) wall in our house that makes great shadows. I stood each child there for 4 sec. and had them look down the hall. Snapped each photo. I extracted the photos to a new Layer and then added just a border from Scrap.Edges 7 Brushes & Overlays {Mini} (Cottage Arts) and the quote (a freebie from a quote challenge by Dana Zarling). I then printed it out at 6x6, matted it in a black 11x14 matt and framed it. Quote says, "Dad, a sons first hero and a daughters first love.
So, I got a little scare today. I was going to make banana bread b/c I had 3 bananas that were old. Perfect. I didn't have enough sugar though, so I called my neighbor, Sharon, and asked if I could send Blake over to grab some. We were talking and she said, is he coming over? He left several minutes ago and hadn't gotten there (right next door). So, I poked my head out, and he wasn't there. I hung up so I could find him and was running around about to start screaming and going into full blown panick. And then he walked in carrying a bag of sugar. phew! I called Sharon back to see when he grabbed it. "he wasn't here Heidi" ???? He has the bag of sugar though, " well, my bag is still sitting here on the counter...." hmmmm..... Blake, WHERE did you go to get the sugar? Needless to say he went to another neighbor (who we also know but is Cindy). He rang the doorbell, nobody anwered and so the little heathen just walked in and found one of her sons and asked for a cup of sugar!! I mean, REALLY, WHY can't I have just 1 shy child? So, after Sharon and I got a big kick out of it, I had to call over to Cindy's and apologize for my son.
Now I'm off to pick up Hailey and Aidan, drop the boys off at Amy's house, pick up her two boys, take them and Hailey to their swim meet down the road. Then Ray will pick up the boys at Amy's and take them to Aidan's T-Ball game. Wow! This is our summer. Wish us luck

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