Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Swim Meet #2

Hailey in her first race today. Freestyle. She is in the next to last lane from where I am. Black suit and pink goggles, no swim cap. We'll be getting that and our official suit tomorrow. Sorry about the wiggle. I had to squat down to be able to view her with those flags hanging down at the beginning, but then I had to get up to keep seeing her.... She came in 3rd on that one I think.

And this is her backstroke. She is in the closest lane to me. She did AWSOME in this one. She where she starts?? She finishes second!

Her other race was a relay and she was tired by then (it was almost 8pm) so she was showing that and I don't know how those girls finished b/c I was talking with a parent when Hailey got out... I think maybe they came in 3rd...

Night you'all!

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