Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Cousins Beach page

Ok. I just love this page. It's one of my favs. Love the kits I used and the photo with all the kids in white and tan. Don't they photograph well? You see, I'm not in the photos. There are very few photos of me. I DON'T photograph well. But that's ok. Cause my kids do! And that's really what matters right? Right.

Credits: I used the Becky Higgins Sept. sketch and then:LuckySmith_BalmyDays, Lots of stuff by Jannylynn from her Swim like a fish kit, stierney_coolwaters, silversword71_outdoorfun_sun, mmartin-crunchtimetemplates2-tear1, cedwards - journaling strip. Most of this is found at ES. Martin is at Sweet Shoppe, and I'm really not sure where Edwards is... anyone?

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CT said...

Way cute!
I had a hard time reading, but I think I got it!