Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Ok. I feel bad this morning. My middle son started kindergarden last Thurs. Then he got sick on Sunday so he missed Monday and Tuesday. I just spent 20 min. trying to get him to stop crying so he could go to school. Every time he stopped he'd take a step toward the door and then start again. Then he couldn't go out b/c he was crying and didn't want anyone to see him. Even the cute little puppy at the bus stop wasn't getting him there. His sister was out there 15 min. early for the bus. Poor thing. I tried to entice him with snacks at school, the playground, PE, etc. Does anyone have any good ideas or things that have worked? I can't go through the battle of getting him out the door every day. And yes, he is that stubborn. He argued with me all three days of his preschool week ALL last year. ALL OF IT. Every morning (just like today) he's say, "I'm NOT going to school today".

Then his younger brother has been crying every day because he wants to go to school. He goes to an in home two days a week, but he wants the BIG school. Do you think they'd notice if I swapped the two?

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