Monday, September 29, 2008

Fishie #3

Blake had a private lesson the other day. Not intentionally mind you, his brother didn't get to go, and the other kids just weren't there for some reason. Of course he LOVED the extra attention and did great. At the end they worked on dives. This is why:
Does anyone else see the problem coming?? Poor thing. Good thing he had a swim shirt on or that would have hurt! But he sure does look cute trying it though huh? He'd try anything once for Adam. He has done this before mind you and very well too. But when he gets to thinking about it this is what happens. So, Adam worked on dives with him for a bit:
They decided to move to lower ground. Well, Blake decided that is. Adam went along b/c he's Adam and this is Blake and everyone seems to go along with Blake. He's so cute in those flower goggles too. How could he say no?? Those are NOT his goggles. Just so you know.

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