Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Elemental Scraps is having another dollar day. There are over 63 items up for $1.00 from our 27 various designers. You will find both personal and commercial use.
Stop in today!! Sale items will only be on sale the 10th so hurry in today.
Now for your veiwing pleasure, THIS is what we did over the weekend:

We went camping!! What fun. We went camping on Sat. am and then to the zoo on Sunday. Had a GREAT time with the Brokkens and made some wonderful memories. We've all decided we'll be doing it again in the spring. We just need a new air mattress. Maybe one that doesn't have a leak in it...
This is the Brokken family. See they are just about as crazy as we are... 3 little ones in a tent with the adults!! She definitely has better am hair than I do though. They also have a great "classic" tent.

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