Saturday, September 06, 2008

Can't sleep

So, it's late and I can't sleep. I keep fidgeting and there's this stupid mosquito that keeps coming after me. He's driving me nuts buzzzing in my ear. I took some benadryl so hopefully that will knock me out soon. Of course everyone else is sleeping just fine. It never fails though as soon as I finally get tired and go to bed one of my kiddos has some "problem".

We should have some pictures of this weekend. I'm excited but not telling about what until after. Don't want to jinx our fun. I think I've got that restless legs thing. I'm going nuts here.

The JBF sale is going on here. Tomorrow is the last day and if you're nearby you should stop by. I found some good things. A coat for a friends' daughter, a pair of adorable jumping jacks black boots for my girl, a halloween shirt, a pair of black cords, a sweater dress, a shirt and pant set, a take apart and change up McQueen, a pair of snow pants for my girl, a card making craft kit (way cute), and a winter coat and hat for my little guy. All for under 70. Then I went to a friends garage sale and found some pirate birthday party flags (Aidan is having a pirate party this year- he saw the treasure cake and was hooked), a car/city rug for the boys room, and the CUTEST purse. A friend at church makes them and they are sooo cute. They are made out of the jeans, have a totally lined and nice/sturdy inside, beaded handle, and then a cute belt and frindge at the top. I'll have to take a picture and post it. It's so great b/c I just slip my phone in the front pocket, chapstick, etc. Ray made a face at it and totally doesn't get it. That's ok. I LOVE it. Thanks Tricia. She's having a garage sale Sat. and has some really cute stuff in it. Two Bag Daddy bags too.

I probably wont' be on much this weekend, but I'll be back on Monday and I hope things are calming down a bit. This past week was CRAZY. I've got to sign up the boys for swim lessons, Hailey keeps changing her mind about swim team vs. swim squad.....I've got some work to finish up and do and then Take 2 is back! I had to miss it last week (the first week) b/c of a migraine so I haven't even signed up for my class. I'm thinking of He Loves Me. That or the NOOMA video class.

I'm still not tired. But I am bored. So, I lost my photo card and my shorts. No idea if they are off cavorting together or what. I can't remember when I last wore my shorts. But really... how many places can a married girl's shorts be??!! UGH. Just soo annoying. And the card.... well that just ticks me off. I had pictures on there. No idea of what and not very many b/c I download pics off of my card almost daily but still. There was probably the best shot I've ever taken on it and now I'll never see it. Neither will you.

So, some great news. My father in law, aka Lentz family artist, is doing some pirate illustrations for me. I can't wait. They are for the younger set. I'm hoping to use them in Aidan's birthday invites and then on the LO's I do for his party. Got to book the pool.... He does beautiful florals. I've made some papers and small items a while back using some, but now that I have Photoshop I want to try some more things. Here's his website and you can see (and purchase) his florals. Oh, and the Angel with Children was inspired by his 3 grandchildren. Those would be the same 3 children on the header of this blog. But actually it was done several years ago so they're much larger now. Although still not very large. I just realized I haven 't put up a link to his blog from mine....I'll get right on that George. I finally killed that blasted mosquito just now. I know you've been wondering and worrying about it. He's toast. I can go to sleep now. Good night!

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