Friday, February 05, 2010

Heart Month


Hearth month is a great time to go to the YouZeum.

IMG_5428IMG_5422 IMG_5424 IMG_5426 

A museum all about you…

and your parts…. or in this case, a pigs heart.    The kids were very excited to go dissect the heart.


Wow.  It’s REAL.  IMG_5435

Aidan- a bit skeptical, Blake- totally excited, and Hailey- a bit grossed out.IMG_5433

We can touch it?!


poke poke poke


Sticking his fingers in the valves. 


Now they’re getting into it.  Except for that one there that fell asleep. 


Ta da!  She even picked it up!  Look at the size of that heart!

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